Marketing Terms Everyone Needs to Know (E-F)

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Marketing Terms Everyone Needs to Know (E-F)

Marketing terms sneak up into everyday conversations.

If you understand what someone is talking about, you’re already ahead of the game! Make the most out of planned and unplanned conversations by understanding some of the most commonly used words in the marketing language… because marketing is everywhere

To help, we have created an entire series, Marketing Terms Everyone Needs to Know! This installment features terms starting with E or F. So, go forth and receive an E for Excellence in Understanding next time you talk business!

Marketing Terms Everyone Needs to Know: E


Also known as electronic commerce, e-commerce transactions take place on the Internet in both B2B and B2C settings.

Earned Media

Earned media refers to content that is written about you or your brand, but not created by you. Essentially, earned media is publicity.

Email Marketing

A commonly used type of marketing, email marketing refers to the strategy of utilizing email to promote products and services. This is a great option for small businesses, offering affordability and ease of creation.

Email is the digital equivalent of direct mail.

Engagement and Engagement Rate

Engagement marketing is the utilization of relevant, engaging content that creates meaningful interactions between the recipient and the marketer.

For example, on Facebook, the advertising objective of Engagement is used for getting more people to engage with your ad- by reacting to it, liking it, sharing it etc.

Engagement rate, of course, is the measure of engagement on a piece of content, calculated by dividing interactions over the number of users following the account or viewing the content.


An Email Service Provider (ESP) is an email marketing service provider.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content refers to topics that retain their value and usefulness year-round. Like evergreen trees that are always green, evergreen content is material that is always of interest to the audience 

Exact Match Keyword

Exact match keyword is a match type in Google Ads used to describe when a searcher types the exact word or phrase you are bidding on.

For instance, dog training classes. A searcher may type in puppy behavior training, but that is only a partial match for your keywords of dog training classes.

External Link

External links are hyperlinks that reference a page originating from a different website (domain). For instance, if you’re writing a blog for your company and you reference another website by placing a link in your article to their page, you’ve created an external link.


Marketing Terms Everyone Needs to Know: F

Flywheel Effect

The Flywheel Effect, coined by Jim Collins, is a strategic business tool that starts with putting the company’s focus onto continually improving one core objective.

The following step in the process involves verifying that every part of the company’s operations works towards the same overall objective, while continually generating momentum (leads, attention, results).


Forecasting is a core component of market analysis. The practice of forecasting entails predicting what will happen in the future by gathering, analyzing, and utilizing past and current data (in this case, sales numbers, attendees, audience size etc)


Friction refers to negative experiences that interfere with the sales process. Bad customer service experiences, an overwhelming amount of advertisements, and negative product reviews all create a friction that interrupts the sales process.

Funnel (Top, middle, bottom)

In business, the funnel is basically another name for the sales process.

Top of the funnel= Content in the top part of the funnel focuses on attracting prospects to your brand by offering them interesting, engaging content.

Middle of the funnel= Content in the middle of the funnel focuses on educating and introducing your brand to the prospective customer.

Bottom of the funnel=The last stage in the process, content in the bottom of the funnel has the purpose of driving customers to buy by supplying an appealing offer and reasons why they should purchase from you.


Hungry for more knowledge? The American Marketing Association is a great source of information for more in-depth information about marketing.

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