Marketing Terms That Everyone Should Know (G-L)

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Marketing Terms That Everyone Should Know (G-L)

Marketing Terms That Everyone Should Know (G-L)

There are so many marketing terms that everyone should know! 

Instead of thrusting a 20-page snooze-worthy article at you, we’ve condensed down essential marketing vocabulary into bite-sized, digestible sections. Enjoy this installment of our Marketing Terms That Everyone Should Know series, featuring marketing terms (G-L). 

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Marketing Terms: G

Gantt Chart

Designed as production control tools by Henry Gantt in 1917. These horizontal bar charts are excellent for project management.

These charts easily organize highly detailed information and multiple tasks due to their format. 

Gated Content

Gated content refers to online material that requires users to fill out a form to obtain access permission.

For the above reason, marketers frequently use gated content for lead generation. In exchange for content, marketers receive names, email addresses, and pertinent contact information. 


Gatekeepers are individuals standing between a marketer and the person the marketer is trying to reach.

For example, secretaries that schedule CEOs’ appointments are gatekeepers in the business world.  

Gender Segmentation

A form of market segmentation, gender segmentation refers to the process of dividing a potential market into categories related to gender (male, female).

Geographic Segmentation

Another form of market segmentation, geographic segmentation refers to the process of dividing a market based on geographical areas (neighborhoods, cities, states).

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google’s keyword-driven advertising service for businesses wanting to display advertisements on Google.

Furthermore, AdWords allows companies to set an advertising budget that only requires payment when people click the ads.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing refers to an advertising strategy which promotes products/services with unconventional, original, and low-cost methods.

Common examples of guerrilla marketing involve tangible, interactive promotional items strategically placed in public settings such as parks. Sharpie, for instance, set a digital drawing board on display along a sidewalk to encourage interaction and interest.

Marketing Terms: H


A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a hash (#) that identifies messages on a particular topic. 

For instance, a hashtag #decor accessed on social media (namely Twitter and Instagram) will display content related to ‘décor’. Utilizing relevant hashtags on a company’s social media is an excellent, easy way to increase brand awareness.


Marketing Terms: I

Inbound Link

Also known as backlinks, inbound links are links that direct customers to your web page.  

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is an advertising strategy based around pulling customers into the company, rather than pushing the company onto them.   

Since attracting and engaging customers is the primary focus of inbound marketing, so much of an inbound campaign is formulated to whet the viewer’s appetite for more of the brand.


An infographic (‘infograph’) is an informational, visual image such as a chart, table, list, or diagram.

Infographics are used frequently in social media campaigns, as the relevant, intriguing nature of the content drives audience engagement (sharing, liking, reacting to the picture).

Interactive Advertising

As its’ name implies, interactive advertising is a marketing technique that encourages consumer participation by use of engaging, interactive ads.

Similarly to guerilla marketing, interactive marketing utilizes out-of-the-ordinary methods to create memorable, engaging experiences.

Internal Marketing

Internal marketing refers to the promotion of the company’s goals, objectives, products, and services to employees within the company.

This type of marketing exists to foster a sense of interdependence between members of an organization. Common topics promoted internally often center around understanding the company’s ethics, policies, community, and vision.


Marketing Terms: K

Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Key performance indicators are quantifiable measures utilized to evaluate either the success of an activity or project completed by the organization.


Keywords are words used to find results for a digital search.

When a keyword is entered into a search engine by a web surfer, the engine finds results that best represent that keyword. For marketers, several factors go into the creation, selection, and use of keywords to develop a brand’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Keyword optimization is essential for Google Adwords and several other marketing platforms/strategies.


Marketing Terms: L

Landing Page

The landing page is the destination of a hyperlink, typically the home page of a website.

Landing pages typically capture visitor information in exchange for an offer or continued exploration of the website or company.


A lead is someone or something likely to prove useful for a business, namely a customer, prospect, or opportunity.

Leads do not always result in a completed sale or new client relationship, but overall, they are excellent to have in the pipeline.

Lifetime Customer Value (LCV)

The lifetime customer value is a metric used to predict the net profit that will result from the future relationship of a customer.

To calculate this value, follow this formula: average purchase value x average purchase frequency rate = customer value; customer value x average customer lifespan = lifetime customer value.

Long-Tail Keyword

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase comprised of 3-4 keywords. Long-tail keywords help fine-tune otherwise overly generalized searches.

For example, searching “dog toys” is not as specific as searching “popular dog dental toys”; the latter is a great example of a long-tail keyword, while the former is far less specific.

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